Plugin: Slideshow

With this slideshow you expand your website with a powerful tool to present your content. With many settings you can personalize the slideshow for your website in the best possible way.


Extensive configuration possibilities

  • The settings of the slideshow are multi-layered and can be adjusted in the configuration.
    In addition to the settings in the configuration, these settings can optionally be displayed in the slideshows and/or in the individual slideshow items and thus be made overwritable.
  • Define the duration of the transition effect (if any)
  • Select from several transitions and whether there should be a parallax effect
    possible transitions:
    • None
    • Zoom in/out
    • Fade
    • To Left/Right/Up/Down
    • According to the navigation
    Some transitions offer the possibility of a parallax which can be varied in strength and thus provide different effects.
  • Decide whether to show slideshow items randomly
  • Define the height of the slideshow per box Position
  • Select the navigation style according to your taste:
    • No navigation (The items only change of the specified duration)
    • Squares/Circles/Bars/Arrows
    • Position up/down: Left/Middle/Right
  • *Select the length of time a slideshow item should be displayed
  • *Select the style of the box:
    • Opaque/Translucent/Transparent/Gradient
  • *Select the position of the box:
    • Cover
    • Up/Middle/Bottom: Full width/Left/Center/Right
  • *Select the orientation of the content:
    • Left/Center/Right
  • *Choose how the image should be scaled:

    • Cover (fills the whole slideshow, parts of the image can be cut off)
    • Contain (the whole image is displayed, not the whole slideshow may be filled in and there may be margins)
    • Dynamic (The slideshow dynamically adapts to the size of the image, the set height acts as maximum height)

* These settings can be specified both in the slideshow and for each element individually.

  • In addition to the standard items mentioned above, simple image items can also be used in a slideshow. These are created directly in the slideshow and consist of only one image + optional multilingual description. So you can create simple image slideshows without having to create each item individually beforehand.

Can be used everywhere

  • Slideshow boxes support all box positions of the CMS. Depending on the selected position, the slideshow changes its appearance e.g. with "Below Header" it takes up the entire width.
  • In addition, slideshows can also be inserted via BBCode wherever the text editor (WYSIWYG) is available.

Supports multilingualism

  • Decide for each slideshow item whether it should be monolingual or multilingual.

Allows the integration of static and dynamic items

  • You may add static items multiple times to one slideshow, so you can repeat items if need be, e.g. A B A C D A
  • The show order of the items can be changed per slideshow
  • In addition to the static items that are created via the administration, you can also include dynamic content
    • This works via own programmed processors or provided processors (included in the package or provided via additional plugins)
      • The package currently includes one processor for articles, to display articles from the article-system
    • A processor can be created for all slideshows or individually per slideshow
    • With identifiers per slideshow, the slideshow can be distinguished in a processor
    • overwrite the configuration of the slideshows
    • Add/Edit/Delete Slideshow items

Developed for WSC 5.2


  • Create slideshow item: Content > CMS > Slideshow > Add item
  • Create Slideshow: Content > CMS > Boxes > Add Box > System > Controller "Slideshow"