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    Just a quick note of gratitude to say thank you for the work you have done with the plugins.

    Specifically Boxxer.

    It is the plugin that has made managing my little community so much easier! The more I use it the more I love it!

    Boxxer has comparatively few settings, but it completely transforms the box and page management. I personally wouldn't want to use WoltLab CMS without Boxxer, but of course everyone has to decide for themselves. :)

    I totally agree! I wouldn't want to be without Boxxer now.

    I have therefore decided to remove all plugins from sale, both in the WoltLab Plugin Store and here on All rights remain intact and purchases remain valid. You can download and use all versions for the foreseeable future. I will continue to look for error messages in the forum (albeit sporadically) and fix them. However, bug fix versions are only made available on I'm sorry to all cloud customers, thank you WoltLab.

    I read this news with great sadness, in my humble opinion - this is a great loss to the Woltlab community. I also felt some alarm because I came on to finally purchase the Slide Show plugin - but alas! procastination has caused my downfall.

    Once again I thank you for the effective, pragmatic and easy to use plugins. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours now and in the future.